we had several different multi-colored drinks tonight but I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what was in them

Sour gummi worms.

For anyone who was unable to attend GRL in Chicago, we taped the storyteller session again this year. With JO Peterson, Sam McAuley, and myself. Also with commentary and videography by TJ Klune.

You can view the entire session (it’s edited up, but it’s still 45 minutes long and a little….crooked) at this link.


Riptide table spread at GRL 2014. Don’t we look pretty?

Happy birthday to Zane Z. Garrett (October 15, 1966)

Happy birthday to Zane Z. Garrett (October 15, 1966)

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Little Roux’s birthday cake. I did not make this…..


Can we please take a moment to appreciate those massive arms, please and thank you.

So. I have the slightest hint of dyslexia. When I’m tired or drugged, it tends to get worse, and I’m unfortunately trying to hit deadline while very drugged right now. Which means I end up with sentences like this:

Ty closed his eyes, pulling Zane closer and sliming gently.


that’s a much better costume. 

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i need to pay for bills and groceries, so i’m opening commissions until i find a job!

i will draw: fanart, nsfw, OCs…
i won’t draw: animals, complex backgrounds

send me an email at marie.mizreh@gmail.com with:

  • your name
  • what you want (example: 2 characters, bust, b&w)
  • references, notes, poses, expressions…

i’ll answer as soon as i can so we can talk more about it, make sure it’s doable, we’ll settle on a price, then i’ll draw it, and you pay via paypal! simple.

you can see more of my art here

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It’s only October but that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about what weird-ass holiday cards you might want to send to your friends this year. My friend Gaby Ruiz has an incredible and weird stationary line, Line 117, and her holiday cards just went up for pre-order on Etsy.

Each design is hand created by her featuring original artwork. She has stationary and invitations for the rest of the year and major events like weddings and birth announcements for sale too.

Check out her original art store Serpenthes too.