"How many shots do we have left?"

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my sport

LOL has abiroux seen this? :-p

I coached for 6 years……I have seen things….done things….


To all the lovely, talented, amazing artists (that includes you, fanartists!) sharing your talents on Tumblr: Do you want to see your artwork on the cover of a book? We’re hiring!

We’re seeking freelance painters (primarily digital, but traditional is fine too if you have an excellent camera/scanner setup) to create illustrations for our our print and digital book covers. Experience is not necessary, and we’re hiring worldwide. What we expect of you is skill, creative flair, the ability to paint a photo-realistic image without a reference (or to find and license any necessary reference(s) for faces/bodies/backgrounds on stock photo sites), the capacity to accept critical feedback and revise as necessary, a strong command of English (or someone who can translate nuanced details for you), and the absolute ability to hit deadlines.

To get a sense of our house aesthetic, please check out our existing illustrated covers (by: Imaliea, Simone, Petite-Madame, April Lee, Del Melchionda, Kirby Crow, Roberto Quintero, Littleskrib, and Vongue). Fandom folks will likely recognize many of these painters; we LOVE fandom artists and would love to work with more of you!

Commission rates range from roughly $100 to $500 per image, depending on your experience, turnaround times, image complexity, image size (full jacket or front cover only), and inclusion or exclusion of typographic elements/cover design. Please note we buy the copyright, though you retain the right to display all images in your online and offline portfolios, and you receive full credit on the copyright page and our website (and a copy of the book you illustrated for). If you’re a good fit with the company and enjoy the work, we may keep you quite busy :)

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, please send a cover letter and a link to your portfolio to artdirector (at) riptidepublishing (dot) com. It’s fine if your portfolio is all fandom work, but we need to know you can paint backgrounds as well as bodies and faces, so please display as much variety as possible. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Rogue 2.01

"We all know how it goes. We all know the song."

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It’s not a career for anyone who needs or values security. It’s a career for gamblers. Every time you write a book you roll the dice again.
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Alrighty so awhile back someone suggested Zack and Ty from Cut & Run. They are characters who were originally written as bisexual but then folks in the books started calling them gay. I was hesitant to include them because I didn’t…

Who the ever loving hell is Zack?!??????


Well no wonder you can’t be bothered to include them, you don’t know enough about them to know their damn names!

Hello, there! Let me take this opportunity to introduce all you fine folks to what I, at Invisible Bi Characters, am doing. I am cataloguing and writing profiles for all the bi/pan characters out there, especially the ones who’ve been made invisible. I am doing this on my own and in my spare time.

Well, I say on my own…I’ve actually had quite a few submissions from followers and other Tumblr users and that’s been really amazing. See, I actually can’t read every book/comic book, watch every show/movie or play every video game ever made. It might be easiest for me to just read the entire series…but in order for me to do that, I’d need 1: the cash to buy the books and 2: the free time to read them. So, you see, when folks send in submissions, it really helps.

Speaking of which, arver7, malady579​, and prettylittlelogic…you all seem quite familiar with Cut & Run. I’d love to invite any of you all to write up a submission for Zane and Ty. Seriously.

Based on the replies to this I got yesterday, it looks like Zane and Ty would totally fit on this blog. So really, anyone who wants to write a submission…please do. 

How about no.

lucapasqualino: Sorry for the delay but here it is… My #ALSIceBucketChallenge!! I nominate @howiecharles #SantiagoCabrera #TomBurke and @hennizuel [donate]

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