The official playlist for Cross & Crown, the second in the Sidewinder Series.


Anybody else see Liam Bell’s love story?

I hate him, yet I want him to be a good guy. I dread every appearance he makes in the Cut & Run series, but I want him to have a love that redeems him.

I have never been so conflicted over a character!

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The pieces line up on the chess boardBlackWhiteBrother against brotherWhere will the final pieces fall?And what color will they be?

The pieces line up on the chess board
Brother against brother
Where will the final pieces fall?
And what color will they be?

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Fan: Do you relate to the character of Doctor McCoy?
Karl: Do I relate to him? Yeah! Y’know, I love the character of Bones. And here’s what I like about him is that he has often this quite, y’know, temperamentally and irascible exterior…. Tequila….. but underneath he’s got a heart of gold and that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his friends. And to me - y’know, he’s kind of  - I guess - the very essence and spirit – I think that is the heart of Star Trek what Gene Roddenberry created back in the 60s. And he stands for the values of loyalty and friendship and honesty and compassion and and and and and… I have none of this qualities … but I do relate.. NO!!!! I am kidding!!!! I do. I have a couple of them. Yeah, and it’s a huge honor and a privilige to play him. Thank you very much.

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eric bana as: martin rose [part 1]
closed circuit (2013)