I’ve run across another accusation that Ty and Zane are actually Supernatural fanfiction in disguise. This time with a list of evidence!

It’s starting to piss me off.

Let me make several things perfectly clear. I have used actors as muses for characters, although never the Supernatural actors. And I have written stories with the names of actors as characters until I found a more appropriate name for them. But I have never written a story with characters that were created by someone else, or about a world created by someone else. Period.

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  4. topjolras said: I watched SPN long before before I read Cut & Run, and I’ve never ever connected Ty and Zane to Dean and Sam until you mentioned it, so I don’t see where they’re getting these connections from! Ty & Zane are amazing characters in their own right!
  5. kjbirch said: I see no similarities in Ty and Zane to Sam and Dean, people just want to see connections were there are none. I know it’s easy for us to say ‘ignore them’ so I won’t. What I will say, “Ty and Zane ROCK! And so do you Abi! Minion love all around!!”
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    My reactions to these people saying that Ty and Zane are Supernatural fan-fiction (because sometimes a gif is worth a...
  7. daisy-is-not-a-flower said: What everyone below me said. Don’t take it to heart Abi, about this accusation. Your characters are awesome. And you are too! Your minions love you.
  8. seynomore said: That just shits me off no end! One word - jealousy. What the hell is wrong with these people. Annoys me even more that you have to see it Abi.
  9. kefrayba said: Umm…. some people really have the conspiracy theory mindset… Seeing connections the way they wanted to.
  10. incubus-dreaming said: I don’t know where people get these stupid ideas! I’m a big Supernatural fan, & NOT ONCE have I ever been able to place Dean & Sam in Ty & Zane’s shoes. They’re completely different characters. Some people have WAY too much time on their hands *eyeroll*
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